Heal through the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

To know where we are going,

we must know where we have been.

Indigenous healers have used energy healing, crystals and spiritual healing practices to bring health to people for thousands of years. Learn how ancient civilizations like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt and indigenous shamans harnessed the power of spirit & energy to enhance their relationships with God, each other and Mother Earth. 

Connect with your spiritual ancestors in meditation.

Our souls have lived many lives on this Earth and when we travel deep into meditative experiences through hypnosis and rhythm aligned with the heart of Mother Earth we can access this healing wisdom.

Travel through 4 deeply transformative healing experience that you can return to over and over again to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors.

Explore the recorded history of our spiritual ancestors with in depth video masterclasses.

There have been many records left behind by our ancestors here on Earth that help us to understand the healing potential we all have! Our ancestors lived deep in alignment with their spiritual heritage and be studying their practices and healing models we can awaken within our minds the true potential of spiritual & energetic healing.

Awaken within your mind the wisdom of your Spiritual Ancestors!

Learn the essential practices and principles at the core of Indigenous Healing. Through a unique combination of hypnotic & meditative energy healing experiences, masterclasses & sacred discussions this course weaves together a supportive web that results in a synergy of learning & healing.